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One thing a lot of people want to know is how to pay to travel. There are some really great ways you can budget and save money on monthly expenses, but I love to find ways to make extra money specifically for traveling. Whether you’re saving to pay off bills or for your next trip, we all can use ways to make some extra money.


While there are all kinds of ways to put some extra money in your pocket, not everyone has a lot of time to spend making extra money. Between regular jobs, life, friends, and family, we don’t want to spend all our free time trying to make money for vacation right? Here are some simple ways you can make extra money for whatever you’re saving for.

  • Sell your used phones, tablets, and even smartwatches at Trademore. Between my 2 teenagers, my husband and I, we have all sorts of random electronic devices around here. We always keep an extra in case something happens to one but that means there are quite a few extras laying around. With Trademore you can “trade-in” (or sell) your used devices. They have very competitive offers and the process couldn’t be much easier!

To sell yours, just go to Trademore.com select what device(s) you have and they’ll give you an offer. Then, they’ll send you a FREE, pre-packaged, pre-paid box, with all the instructions to send in your device. I LOVE that they do this because ½ the hassle in selling things online is finding the right box, packaging, postage, etc. You have 30 days to get it together and send your device in because they lock your offer for that time period.

The process is so smooth and easy and it’s such a simple way to make some extra money!

  • Buy used devices and put away the extra money you would have spent on new. If you’re needing to buy something new, consider looking for a  gently used option and putting away the extra money you would have spent on a new model. Trademore actually sells a variety of used devices as well as making it easy for you to sell yours. All devices they sell (phones and smartwatches…) go through a 30-point functional and cosmetic inspection and have received a 100% inspection score so you know you’re getting a quality product. They offer free 2-day shipping and a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee and free returns so you really can’t go wrong!
  • Offer up your services. Think about your strengths and what you can offer others as a service. Whether it’s through your job or online. VA services, cleaning, photography, videography, video editing, crafting classes, organization… there are so many little things you can offer up that others need that you might be great at.
  • Get paid to take online surveys. There are several companies online, and locally, that pay to get your opinions.
  • Be a driver. It doesn’t look like ride-sharing is going anywhere soon. Make some extra money by driving people around when you want on your schedule.
  • If you don’t want to drive, did you know you can rent out your car? If there are time periods here and there when you won’t need your vehicle (or 2nd vehicle) you can rent out your car using a car-sharing service.
  • Rent out other items. Even beyond your car, there are services that rent out other items as well. Cameras, DJ equipment, musical instruments…
  • Create an online course. If you’re passionate about something you can create an online course to teach others the same thing.

There really are many ways to make extra money if you get creative, these are just a few simple ways to get you brainstorming.

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