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Do you live in (or visit frequently) the Phoenix area? Are you interested in attending a fun, laid back crafty scrapbooking night with me? If so, you’ll be happy to hear I have some fun plans in the works!

All for the Memories scrapbook page

I am actively working on some really fun creative, inspirational craft/scrapbooking nights for all my local friends. If you’d love to come craft with me and want to know more information as soon as I have it fill out this form below or go here to leave your email and answer a few questions (your email will only be used to notify you of my upcoming events).

I am so, so excited about what I have planned and hope there are a lot of you that are too. Because, well, it wouldn’t be as fun if it’s just me with a bunch of scrapbooking supplies.

Allison Waken Sketchbook sneak Allison Waken Photo Booth rp_AWOhtheFaces-1w.jpg rp_DecemberDaily2011pg8.jpg Layout by Allison Waken

If you live in Southern California and would be interested come fill out the form as well and note that you’re from CA – I’m out there once a month and would definitely get something planned if there were enough of you!

Allison Waken

I think it’s so important to get together, relax and have fun playing with paper. I can’t WAIT to tell you what I’ve been working on and hope that many of you are interested as well. Have a local friend who would be interested? Share this post or the link above with them as well!


Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.


  1. Tracy Tauscher

    I am interested in attending a crop and I have friends that would also attend.

    • AllisonWaken

      That’s great to hear!! If you’d like to sign up to receive info first please do, otherwise I’ll always share the info here as well!