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If you’re a couple who likes to be outdoors or wants to experience a little more of the outdoors together, try doing something different on your next date night (or day). I don’t know who started the whole dinner for a date thing, but we’d much rather have lunch in the back of the truck on an adventure than a dinner at the same old restaurants around town. Here’s a list of some ideas for outdoor dates to get you thinking outside the box (or restaurant).

Outdoor Date Ideas

  1. Take a drive. Pack up lunch or some snacks and drinks and drive to a new spot with a view, a lake, a national park, the desert, or somewhere you put on your “list” to go see. Take turns picking songs or just talk the whole way. Even better if you can make it an overnight by camping or even glamping but a day trip is always great too.
  2. Gift each other some matching shoes, joggers, or a hoodie and take some pictures while you’re out! I already had these Hylete Women’s Circuit II Cross-Training Shoes so I got my husband a pair of the Hylete Men’s Circuit II Echo Cross-Training Shoe in Olive & he liked them as much as I like mine! We love the option to switch out the insoles & that they have a bit of room in the toe box. They work great for outdoor sports where you aren’t sure of movement, and performed well on the hikes around the lakes we went on. We also got the Men’s Linear Tech II Hoodie & the Women’s Linear Tech II Hoodie to complete the look. On our last day out I made Jared take a couple of pictures with me and it was a fun break from walking to stop and take photos.
  3. Go on a hike. If you don’t want to be out for a long time just pick a shorter hike or a walk around a lake or along a stream. Even a walking path in a local park works great or of course the beach.
  4. Ax Throwing. If you haven’t tried ax-throwing yet, give it a try! While not necessarily always outdoors, it is an “outdoorsy” activity and a ton of fun on a date.
  5. Go fishing. If you don’t live near a lake, river, or stream, many cities have urban ponds you can fish in right in the city.
  6. Rent an electric boat if available in your area or a city nearby. Sunset is the perfect time in my opinion!

  7. Play a sport. Even if you aren’t super sporty, you can find a sport or outdoor game to have fun playing. Try frisbee golf (I still need to do this), pickleball, actual golf, sand volleyball, or even shuffleboard.
  8. Find somewhere to pick your own fruit or vegetables.
  9. Take your dog to a dog park.
  10. Build a campfire. Whether you’re camping or not, a campfire is always a great place to talk and learn more about each other. Build a campfire in the backyard or open outdoor area.
  11. Workout together! Grab your matching Hylete gear & try a new outdoor workout if that’s something you love to do together.

To make figuring out what to do easier, make a list of places you want to explore as you see them online or in social media. I like to save them on my Google Maps so when we have a free day or afternoon, I can pull it up and we can decide where to explore from there!


Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.

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