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I was so excited to finally have a mantle in this house (we are renting for now). Then I realized how tiny it was. My first concern was would the stocking holders fit lol! It has a werid cut out where the width is about 5″ but it narrows out to 2″ on the edges – what are you supposed to do with a 2″ mantle? 

I found the Grundtal mirror at IKEA that had the absolute perfect dimensions to fit into this space. I had looked all over and they were either too big or too small. This was PERFECT. Then I layered together anything I could find around the house that would fit.

I love Halloween but I don’t decorate too much inside because my oldest’s birthday is SO close and I don’t want him to feel like he’s competing with the holiday (plus I don’t want to deal with Halloween AND birthday decorations).

Banner instructions here. I think I’ll change it up just a bit for Fall, maybe add some metallic! I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you would do with this tiny mantle if you have any suggestions for me!


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