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This is a sponsored post for “I and love and you” Total Pet Care.

It’s no secret that the pups are as much a part of the family as the humans are. We love our crazy kids and have always been picky about what they eat. The problem with that is the good food has never been easy/quick/convenient to get. 

We heard about I and Love and You Pet company and I laughed at their clever packaging on a recent trip to Whole Foods (seriously read the bags) so when I saw that our local Fry’s Food Stores was now carrying their product I was all over it. (I love their story too)

I and Love and You has high protein and grain free food and treats (which is a must for us) and the kibble includes prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes to help with digestion. I saw it at Fry’s so just picked up a bag and some treats for the pups to try! The dogs will have to check back in to tell you how they’re doing on it!

Did you notice the shape of the kibble. They’re hearts – awww….

Here in Phoenix you can find I and Love and You food at Fry’s Food Stores, Whole Foods and Sprouts or you can find your nearest retailer here

Download a coupon to save on your next trip. I’m just excited I can shop for myself and my dogs at the same store. One less stop! They also post info on discounts on their Facebook page.


    P.S. Chance is doing awesome. I’m trying to get some more footage to put another video together but it’s hard being the videographer AND his favorite person. 


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