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Flywheel sports just opened a studio in Scottsdale at Scottsdale Quarter and if you’re wondering what it’s like, I’m checking in out for you… for the ENTIRE month. I am partnering with them and taking the Fly into 2017 – 4 week challenge. It’s a package that they offered that included discounted sessions (5 per week for a total of 20), coaching, tips, an at home workout and even a FULL exclusive nutrition plan with unique weekly themes & recipes.Flywheel Scottsdale Review

Yes. I said 5 classes per week. That seemed like quite a bit to someone who hasn’t taken a cycle class in YEARS but I needed a challenge for the new year, and I really did want to try them out! First of all here’s a little bit about Flywheel –  Flywheel is much more than just a workout, it is an experience. Flywheel is inclusive, authentic and empowering – helping improve the lives of riders, one ride at a time.  Classes challenge both athletes and novices alike to transform their bodies while having fun in a state-of-the-art facility. The indoor cycling studio features signature stadium seating where every rider has an unobstructed view of the instructor and more than 60 bikes equipped with personalized and proprietary technology. Celebrated Flywheel instructors will lead classes with carefully crafted, high-energy playlists to further motivate and push riders beyond their limits.”

Here’s how it works:

Sign Up: You can sign up and book classes all online. Right now you can get a free class through 1/31/17 by creating an account and applying code FLYJANFRIEND to the first class special at checkout. You can choose which bike you’ll be at (so you can coordinate with friends).Flywheel Scottsdale Review

Getting Ready: On the day of your class you’ll want to wear whatever makes you comfortable. Most people wear tight fitting bottoms so as not to interfere with the bike but as long as you’re not wearing super baggy/loose pants I’m sure you’ll be fine. Bring socks and water with you – you don’t even need shoes! I wear tennis shoes in or flip flops sometimes too as long as I’m certain I’ll remember them.

When You Arrive: Arrive about 15 minutes before your class starts to give yourself enough time to get ready but not too much that you’re sitting there waiting too long. You can check in with the front desk or the tablets off to the right.  If you don’t remember what bike you picked they can remind you. There will be your sized shoes waiting for you in a little cubby marked with your bike number right under the big chalkboard where the check in tablets are. The lockers are free to use and they have everything you might need for your workout – towels, hair ties, bobby pins – really, everything!Flywheel Scottsdale Review Flywheel Scottsdale ReviewFlywheel Scottsdale Review

Time to Fly: Everyone is willing to help so if they haven’t already offered just ask one of the staff to help you set up your bike for the first time. You may make some adjustments still but they can direct you into the safest setup for you. If this is your 2nd or 3rd class you may very well NEED a seat pad like I did (my booty was not used to it but I knew this was a possibility since I have taken cycle classes before, it’s just been a while) they have those too, they are up in a little basket to the left of the instructor if you’re looking at the “stage”. Don’t be afraid to use one! I used one for classes 3-5 and now that I’m on class 6/7 I’m finally used to the seat and don’t need to use one.

The instructors will go through everything but there is a little knob down between  your knees and a small screen just to the left on your bike. It will show your Torq (how hard/heavy it is to pedal) which you will adjust with the knob, your RPM (how fast your legs are moving) along with some scores on how you’re currently doing. All you’re changing on your bike is the Torq and the instructor will direct you when and where that should be throughout the class. You’ll try to keep your RPMs with the instructor while the Torq will depend on your fitness/comfort level. There are also weighted bars that you may use in the Fly45 classes when they incorporate a bit of arm work towards the end of the workout (I LOVE this part). The FlyBeats classes won’t use these.

During class they have great music, verbal support & instruction, the lights go down and it will get warm in there. Be prepared to sweat! I really love having that 45 minutes to myself to unplug.

Flywheel Review
Photo from Flywheel – a peek at what the stadium looks like. It will be darker during your workout so you don’t feel like your’e ever in the “spotlight”.

Workout Complete: You’ll have a quick stretch session and it’s time to go before you know it. In addition to having what you need to workout, they also have all that you need to clean up afterwards if you need to. They have beautiful and clean bathrooms and showers with all kinds of great products available for you to use. You will have your Power Score available to you online as well as some other info like how many miles you biked, your average and max torq and rpm and even an estimated calorie burn.

Right now on the chalkboard you can see how the challengers are doing. I’m up top if you come in you can see how many workouts I’ve gotten in!Flywheel Scottsdale Review Flywheel Scottsdale Review

It’s a tough workout if you’re going from not working out at all, but really fun. I’d say give it about 4-5 classes to really see if you like it.  The instructors in Scottsdale are all awesome in their own way. I love mixing it up during the week to get all the different personalities. The photo above is me with Dani.

I mentioned that I’m doing their monthly challenge so I thought I’d share some photos of the food I at last week (when I remembered to photograph it). I have really loved all the recipes and tips. Flywheel Scottsdale Review Flywheel Scottsdale Review Flywheel Scottsdale Review Flywheel Scottsdale Review Flywheel Scottsdale Review Flywheel Scottsdale Review

Challenge or not, if you’re looking for a cycle class or looking for something different I definitely recommend checking out Flywheel in Scottsdale! My endurance has already improved SO much just after 6 classes.

Have any questions? Let me know in the comments or feel free to send me an email!Flywheel Scottsdale Review


Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.

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