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So it looks like my little one may have strep again/still after having it 2 weeks ago and then going through a horrible reaction to the amoxicillin used to treat it. So instead of dwelling on that I thought I’d share some pictures of our fun little trip to a local pumpkin patch/farm. We’ve had some really cool weather (for us) so we took advantage.

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Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.


  1. my girly just got over some crazy stomach bug this weekend, hope your guys feels better soon.

    great pictures of some fall fun! the weather has been great here. perfect for that!

  2. Beautiful pictures- looks like you went at a gorgeous time of day! I love the pumpkin patch, only now we're in Germany and they just don't do it the same.

  3. these are really wonderful photos Allison. Always love seeing your work! Sorry to here of your baby's battle with Strep, hoping you find the solution very soon!