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It’s been a long time coming but I think I’ve finally got my daily travel habits down! I have always been determined to figure out just what it is about travel that makes me throw my healthier lifestyle out the window. The lack of routine sure, but I think the lack of planning and lack of smart choices plays a big role too. With just a little bit of planning (and reminders) on my part, I’ve finally figured out which habits make a BIG difference in how I feel during and bounce back into my routine after traveling.

Tips on maintaining healthy habits when traveling

How I Prep for Travel to Maintain My Healthier Lifestyle

So the first step is travel prep. It doesn’t take a ton of time but does take just a bit of shopping and organizing to prep before a trip. Sometimes I have enough left over from the previous trip but usually, a trip to Fry’s is in order for snacks!

  • Buy & portion out snacks – since I eat gluten-free, having snacks is always important (I NEVER travel without food) but since adjusting a bit to include calorie counting I like to take it a step further and make sure I have my snacks portioned out ahead of time to prevent mindless snacking. Buying ahead of time means I have WAY more choices.Tips on maintaining healthy habits when traveling
  • Buy drinks – There’s something about a road trip that just calls for fun drinks isn’t there?! Instead of grabbing a soda at the gas station I stock up ahead of time with different options for me like sparkling water and Honest® Tea! Fry’s (and all Kroger or Kroger banner stores) are celebrating the fact that September is National Organic Month and has special pricing on the PET Honest Tea bottles. They are 4 for $5 for the entire month of September so I made sure to stock up! Check out different stores too because they have different flavor options at different stores! My number 1 favorite is Honest Unsweet Peach Ginger Tea, but I love the Half Tea Half Lemonade and Honey Green Tea too! And the herbal flavors for when I don’t want caffeine. They are all organic and fair trade and brewed with real ingredients. Tips on maintaining healthy habits when traveling Tips on maintaining healthy habits when traveling
  • Get vitamins ready – I have to be the worst at remembering to take my vitamins/supplements at home, let alone when traveling, so prepping them ahead of time is a big step in the right direction.

My Daily Habits to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle When Traveling

Here are things I do each day while traveling:

  • Wake up a little early to have plenty of time before the first scheduled activity. The stress of waking up a little early is WAY less than the stress of rushing to get ready on time!
  • Schedule time for a little workout. I usually do a pilates video online but just something to move the muscles and get the blood flowing in the morning! Even a nice walk around the area works (ESPECIALLY if you’re at the beach).
  • Take vitamins/supplements.
  • Plan food for the day – if I’m traveling for work with scheduled events I try to figure out the food situation ahead of time. What choices can I make, what restaurants can I eat at that will be new, have great food, and options that are good for me.
  • Plan how/where I’m getting water – staying hydrated is super important so I usually have a re-usable water bottle on me. Making sure I know that I’ll have access to water (because sometimes you might need to pack a bunch of water bottles in your bag) is obviously a good step.
  • Picnic it for one meal if possible. There’s not much better than a picnic on the beach or during a hike! Having good meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, and drinks like Honest Tea on hand make throwing together a picnic a breeze. It makes it easier to have a picnic than finding somewhere to stop for food! If I don’t have everything on hand, a quick stop at Fry’s and I’m on my way. When traveling by car we always have an ice chest for drinks or food on the road.Tips on maintaining healthy habits when traveling
  • Allow some treats! I am traveling after all so a fun meal, dessert, or drinks are always on the list and I don’t feel guilty about it!
  • Make time to wind down at night.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.

By keeping up most of these habits, I’ve discovered that it’s not difficult to come home and transition back into “normal” life. Do you maintain any habits on vacation that help you stay on track?!

Tips on maintaining healthy habits when traveling


Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.

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