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Chemical vs Physical sunscreen and Sun Care tips

I recently visited Whole Foods Market in Paradise Valley for a special Sun Care event they held to teach us about chemical vs. physical sunscreen. I was more than willing to go because this is a subject I have been researching a ton lately since we are out in the sun so much here.

I wasn’t surprised by any of the information I heard but it did give me a kick in the butt to toss out the rest of our chemical sunscreens. Here is a great info sheet about sun care as an overview.

Basically the chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the rays and does this within your skin (and entire system). The active ingredients in these have been shown to have endocrine disruption activity (not something I want in myself or my boys). There are also some resorts that have taken to banning chemical sunscreens all together because they have been bleaching coral. Crazy!

The minerals in physical sunscreen sit on top of your skin and reflect the sun’s rays (both UVA and UVB). It also protects you right when you put it on – chemical sunscreens can take time (like 15-30 minutes) before working properly.

The hard part about choosing a sunscreen is not only chemical vs. physical but there has been some concern about nano-sized physical sunscreens and the fact that they may cross the skin barrier. 

So how DO you choose a sunscreen? The thing I love about Whole Foods Market is that they do the research for you. Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care prohibits chemical sunscreen active ingredients and are carefully screened for particle size. Yes, physical sunscreen does cost more so now is your chance to get some!

Whole Foods Market is having a 30% off 4 day Sun Care promotion from May 23 – May 26. I’m going to grab some. Some of my favorites so far have been from Badger, Garden Goddess and DeVita.

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