Change Your Perspective: Photo Tip

I thought I'd share a photo tip I use when taking pictures:


We so often are just quickly snapping photos that we end up with hundreds of almost identical pictures. A simple change in your stance or perspective can make all the difference. Here is a recent example. 

The boys were getting ready to fish so I started snapping. I took the image on the left and noticed his head, pole and backlighting and new it would make a fun silhouette but there wasn't much of my son in the photo. So I squatted down and aimed my phone up so I could see more of him. For silhouettes you'll want your camera or phone to expose the sky (touch the sky area on your iPhone).

Change perspective

It made a HUGE difference in the feel of the photo itself. Here are both of the originals straight from the phone

original perspective

And after a few filters in the PicTapGo app (that and VSCO CAM are my fave) this was my final social media share

fishing silhouette

What's your favorite way to change perspective?


I LOVE the name of this month's kits at Studio Calico. The Sandlot is a favorite movie of mine and my boys recently really sat down to watch it for the first time a few weeks ago and laughed SO much.

Project Life insert inspired by TracyXO at STudio Calico
Project Life spread with Sandlot kit at Studio Calico
Project Life spread with Sandlot add on kits at Studio Calico

See close ups of these spreads in my gallery at Studio Calico. There are still some fun things left in the shop like these Daily envelopes

So run and get those if you missed them the first time around! 

This has GOT to go

Flooring Reno Before

This is what my house has looked like when you walk in for the last (almost) 2 months. Gorgeous isn't it? Yeah, it has to go and hopefully soon before I lose my mind or before the dogs tear up any more carpet padding. 

It's taken so long because after we had our water heater leak and this flooring pulled out we decided we wanted to take it as a good time to replace the flooring all together and since we're doing it in here, we're taking it all through the main area of the house, kitchen, down the hall and into the master bedroom/bathroom.

I'm excited to share the process, selections and lots of photos with you soon! I just love a good renovation don't you?!