What is Scrapbooking?

What is a scrapbook to you?

I got a comment on a post recently that prompted me to think about the art of scrapbooking. 

1. : a book with blank pages to which you attach photographs, letters, newspaper stories, etc., that help you remember a person or time.
1. create scrapbooks as a hobby.

It's a book for photos, drawings or clippings. How, why or what you put in it is totally up to you. It's such a personal preference. It can be a mini album, a big traditional album, a Project Life album, a notebook from Target. It can have lots of words or no words, painting, stickers, paper...

For some it's a strict preservation of memories and for others it's simply an artistic outlet with no other purpose than to let off a little steam with paint + ink. 

It can be trendy or traditional, colorful or monochromatic, thick or thin, digital or heaped with paper. A toddler can make one or a great great great grandmother can make one. There are no rules. 

Some of us choose to share our personal scrapbooks online for artistic inspiration. What we share is OUR take on scrapbooking. You might love it, you might hate it and that's ok because a scrapbook as a definition is a book of blank pages. What you put in it is up to you. You may not even like scrapbooks and that's ok too!

Here are some of the things I've been working on lately - Studio Calico sneaks

Studio Calico Sneak
Studio Calico Sneak
Start to finish layout video
Lunch Box Notes

What is a scrapbook to YOU? I'd love to know! Share your thoughts or link to your work in the comments so I can appreciate how different this art form is to all of us!

Gift Wrapping with Craft Supplies

Gift wrapping with craft supplies

I LOVE wrapping presents, but I rarely have time to devote to doing it the way I want during the holidays. I've been throwing anything I thought would make good wrapping supplies in a drawer after I use up my Studio Calico kits and things I find in the dollar sections at Target and Michaels.

If you like having a cohesive look try sticking to a specific set of colors. I stay with neutrals and use them all year for birthdays and other gifts!

Gift wrapping with craft supplies

If you don't use them up things like labels, string, doilies, veneer, clothespins and tags are great to keep on hand to spruce up a package without the traditional bow.

Gift wrapping with craft supplies

Anything with an initial on it is perfect for this! This tag can double as an ornament later too.

Gift wrapping with craft supplies

If you're giving a gift card at the last minute, throw it in a bag and dress it up a bit! Quick and easy.

Gift wrapping with craft supplies

I keep seeing little packages you can buy this year (in the gift wrapping section) with little clothespins that have veneer shapes on them. I have all of that on hand so I made up a set with just a bit of glue!

Gift wrapping with craft supplies

Cigar boxes are a perfect way to present a man's gift and you don't even have to wrap it!

Geometric Advent Calendar

We went black + white + geometric with this year's advent calendar.

Geometric Advent Calendar

I love our advent calendar tradition and this one fits right in with our other home decor so I don't mind having it up earlier. The boys have been changing the configuration up each day.

Geometric advent calendar

I stamped numbers on the back so we knew which day we were opening. 

Geometric advent calendar

I wrote about how I put it together on All for the Boys. I love how it looks on our bookshelf in the front room!


It's amazing how one day you're on top of it all and the next you're completely under your to do list! Instead of freaking out about what needs to get done I thought a lately post was in order! Lately I've been: planning a super fun blogger party for an awesome coffee company (can't wait to share) / planning a kitchen upgrade (counters, sink, faucets, cabinets - because the holidays are the best time to re-do a kitchen /sarcasm) / coveting or needing a new camera / planning homemade holiday gifts / loving the boys' new hobbies (hip hop and football) / deciding how I'm going to tackle December Daily (if at all) / getting rid of a TON of unneeded craft stuff / loving this reasonably priced sectional / still loving our new floors / wanting a heater for the patio / already bought a planner for next year because I had a deadline to write in January...

How's that for a jumbled mess for you? Here are some fun "lately" photos too