Photo Books

I know not everyone who reads this blog is a scrapbooker (or whatever you want to call it) but you're all memory keepers. We all want ways to capture memories for our kids, families and their kids. It's so easy to create photo books online now, from just uploading photos or creating entire scrapbooks online there are a lot of options. 

I just ordered a small softcover Instagram friendly album from Artifact Uprising. They're one of my newest favorite companies. The paper is perfect, the color is great and their options are varied.

My Publisher has been a long time favorite. I have several years' albums printed by them. They've held up well from the boys flipping through them (often), the color is spot on and you can change quite a few options to make it just how you want it.

Mpix is a "go to" for me for printing photos or other projects. They have great quality and good prices.

I have tried some of the cheaper discounted sites and they just don't quite measure up to these that I've tried. They are fine if you're looking for price only, but for not a lot more (in the grand scheme of things) these are by far my top picks.

Apple Picking

Apple picking

We decided to pretend it was Fall this weekend and headed up to Date Creek Ranch in Wickenburg for some apple picking. It was hot and we were sweating, but it was fun and fairly quick. Fall around here is pretty up and down in weather but we won't be cooling off for a while. 

Apple picking

Date Creek Ranch sells portions of grass fed beef so I think we're going to try them out! We've purchased a 1/4 of a cow/bull (I have no idea) before and loved having the freezer full.

I have lots of apples to bake with. I tried a new gluten free/dairy free apple pie last night. The filling was paleo but the crust just didn't meet the mark. We'll have to try again I guess ;)

3 Tool Layout

I often get caught up on the latest brand new tools and trends, which is fun, but can mean a lot of "extras" needed to pull out for 1 scrapbook page. Sometimes I don't want to pull everything out, or in the case of this last month or 2 I have no idea where anything is, because it's packed away from the water damage.

I decided to challenge myself to complete a layout in my same style but only using 3 tools - scissors, a stapler and a pen.

Layout made with only 3 tools

I made a start to finish video for the Studio Calico blog - you can see it HERE.

3 tool layout

I'd love to see if you also took the challenge - link me up here or tag me at Studio Calico!

Backyard Lake

It had rained a bit on Sunday, Jared and I woke up at 3am to what sounded like a hurricane outside and around 8am this is what our backyard looked like.

Luckily, the way our house was built, it is several inches higher than the patio so we were able to get most of the water off the patio before it pooled high enough to get into the house. All the kids sure enjoyed their water playground though!

Loving Lately

I love inspiration. Sometimes it's so hard to keep it all in one place! Here are some things I've been loving (and pinning) lately

Loving lately
  1. Kal Barteski just loaded some awesomeness into her shop - this is one of my faves.
  2. Love this masculine office from Lolly Jane.
  3. I need to just buy this print already - only thing holding me back is that I wish it was black.
  4. These southwest inspired pumpkins have me thinking of Fall.
  5. Loving my new floors.
  6. This tutorial on how to arrange store bought flowers makes me want to buy a bouquet at try it out this weekend!