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After our last visit to Prescott we just couldn’t stay in Phoenix on another hot weekend (I think we’re ready for Fall!) so we headed back up to Prescott to see what we could see.

We stopped at Willow Lake and it was amazingly quiet for a Saturday afternoon and gorgeous.

There is a $2 parking fee to get into the park and it’s well worth it!

Crazy how quiet and still the water was. Lots of bugs, lizards and some water fowl.

After we explored and talked about coming back with kayaks (no gas motors on this lake) we decided to head into town.

I frequently use the Find Me Gluten Free app to find restaurants who have gluten free menus or options available.

We decided to try Rosa’s Pizzeria.

They have gluten free crusts and we were told that all menu items are made fresh so many of the entrees could be altered to be gluten free. We decided to go with the gluten free pizzas. They were well made and delicious!

I was also happy they had my favorite cider – Angry Orchard. I’m not sure if it was the bit of heat/humidity still on me from walking or just the fact that the drink and glass were so perfectly chilled but it was the best bottle of Angry Orchard yet.

We were told we HAD to try the gluten free chocolate cake and while we don’t always get dessert I was up for it. I’m STILL craving this cake. The texture was so perfect. It’s a flourless cake so it wasn’t cakey more ganachey. (like my descriptions?) I’m not sure how to describe it but if you find yourself there gluten free or not. DEFINITELY get the chocolate cake.

On our way out we drove through the woods just a bit and were awarded with this sight.

A perfect end to the day.

(all photos taken with iPhone 5)


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