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Reducing Stress & Getting Better Sleep When Traveling

The one thing I miss the most about being a kid is being able to sleep anywhere and anywhere. Who knew that would be something you’d miss?! One thing I’ve learned over the last few years is that taking steps to reduce stress and get better sleep when traveling does WONDERS for keeping me healthy, especially having an auto immune disease. Since I’m not a kid anymore, I have learned that I need to actively prepare before and during a trip to ensure better sleep!

How to Reduce Stress & Getting Better Sleep When Traveling

How to Reduce Stress & Get Better Sleep When Traveling

Here are some things I’ve done that have really improved my life when traveling:

How to Reduce Stress & Getting Better Sleep When Traveling

  • Prepare – the more prepared I am, the better. Something as simple as setting out the clothes I’m traveling in the night before can make all the difference in the morning to reduce stress. Checking the drive time & planning extra time for traffic or weather etc.
  • Night Time Routine – I’ve found that having a nighttime routine helps so much. Even if it’s a cup of tea and 5 minutes of reading (a book not my phone) it’s something to tell my body that we’re transitioning from the hectic day to sleep.
  • Vitamins – whether it’s supplements to boost (or in my case just help support) your immune system or vitamins to help you fall and stay asleep, vitamins can be a huge help in reducing stress and getting better sleep.  I recently added ORB Sleep Complex to my travel night time routine and I love how it’s helped me so far! Check out more on these super cool innovative vitamins with Melatonin, Valerian, Essential Oils and more below. How to Reduce Stress & Getting Better Sleep When Traveling
  • White Noise –  I never thought I’d use a white noice machine until we REALLY needed one. Now, I love traveling with one!  There are apps on your phone but I like packing a small machine.
  • Keep the Room Cool – it’s easier to sleep in a cool environment than a warm one, especially if you love blankets. Make sure your room is nice and cool before attempting to sleep.
  • Wake Up a Little Early –  If the next day is filled with appointments or reservations, I’ve found that I am MUCH less stressed and better off over all if I wake up early and give myself time to have a relaxing morning as opposed to waking up at the last second and rushing to get ready and out the door.

ORB Sleep Complex

These are the coolest things! ORB has created these vitamins packed with great stuff to help you sleep better & wake up refreshed. The vitamins have both oil and beadlets based on how our bodies best absorb them. They are made with an exclusive time-release technology that helps unlock everything your body needs, when it needs it (obviously you don’t want that B-12 kicking in until the morning.

How to Reduce Stress & Getting Better Sleep When TravelingHow to Reduce Stress & Getting Better Sleep When Traveling

They have a few different formulas, but the ORB Sleep Complex has:

  • Melatonin & Valerian – Helps promote relaxation so you fall
    asleep faster†
  • Essential Oils – Calming lavender & ylang ylang oil for
    better sleep quality†
  • Vitamin B12 – Provides energy support so you wake up
  • Time-Release with TERRA Intelligent Dosing® – Ensures constant benefits are released through the night†

Both Jared and I have been using them and have noticed that our quality of sleep has improved and we’re both waking up a little quicker and less groggy. Definitely keeping these in our regular and travel nighttime routine!

How to Reduce Stress & Getting Better Sleep When Traveling How to Reduce Stress & Getting Better Sleep When Traveling

I bought our twin pack at Costco – buy online here, but if you don’t have a membership you can also shop at https://orbwellness.com/


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