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The boys are on spring break this week. I’m working the first 3 days then will take the last couple days off (I’m saving the other days for an upcoming vacation πŸ˜€ ) I don’t have too much planned yet, maybe the zoo, skating, a movie…

This last weekend we had a fun little excursion with Grandma! We went horseback riding!

Have you ever seen a cowboy with such unique style? πŸ˜‰

They were so excited to be able to ride their own horse (well the little one’s was a mule). The baby’s horse was named Bingo, Big Brother’s horse was Buck, mine was Hershey, and Mom’s was Medicine Man. They gave us a bag with a carrot to hold our belongings (the carrot was for the horse after the ride).

Here’s Hershey


And Bingo and Buck with the boys

And the part of Buck I saw the most often (and I wish I hadn’t). Have you ever seen that Seinfeld episode where Kramer drives the horse drawn carriage in Central Park and decides to feed him Beefaroni? Yeah Buck must like Beefaroni

It was a gorgeous day! There was a little girl riding along with us as well but other than her it was just us and the guide on the hour long ride.

The baby was up in the front right behind the guide. He talked his ear off the whole way. I’m pretty sure I heard him explaining the new Legos (Ninjago) and that his brother knew all about cacti because he just went on a field trip.

Medicine Man liked to take his time on the trail and liked snacks. When we stopped to take a picture he knew right where those carrots were. He kept trying to get me to give him mine.

After we got home I asked the boys what their favorite part about horseback riding was

“When he peed!” “When he farted on you!”

Ah, a house of boys – gotta love it!


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  1. That sounds like what my girls would say!! They are into potty humor as much as boys!
    Beautiful photos!! Looks like lots of fun for their break!