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So, I LOVE Christmas.  It’s my favorite holiday ever!  Beautiful celebration, time with family, and fun traditions.  I always hate talking about presents because it seems so selfish or commercial or something, but the truth is I love getting my kids gifts for Christmas and if I didn’t have a budget or a husband who disagreed I’d buy them every darn thing they ever saw that they ever wanted.  However, I don’t want them to turn into spoiled brats so there goes that plan (well, that and the budget and husband).  Anyway, the boys have chosen to give up some of their presents this year to send presents with our church to some kids in Mexico.  They are VERY excited about that and still want to buy every angel on the tree at the mall – so please go and pick an angel off the tree at the mall so I don’t have to feel guilty telling my kids no every time!

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the boys’ picks for Christmas gifts this year.  I am so proud of them for not really getting too commercialized yet.  I had to beg them to write me a list so I had something to go off of (and something to fight for on Black Friday).

First up is the 7 year old.  He wants this remote control car that goes on walls and ceilings following the laser.  Amazon.com for $27.99 no tax and free shipping!  (I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find this in store since my Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart were already out of stock).

Rockband 2 for the Wii – I think I’m going to order this on ebay.  Last year bing.com did a 30% cashback through ebay when I got a Nintendo Ds and I can get it for $109 and get $33 back.

The Crayola Glo Dome – will be $18.99 on Thanksgiving day at Kmart plus rumor is I can sign up online to get $5 or $10 Kmart coupon

Legos!  It’s all about the Legos this year.  Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Agent it doesn’t matter.  Actually, he didn’t even know that you could buy them without one of the sets.


And for my 5 year old boy (keep in mind they are polar opposites!)

A sock monkey!  Yes, he wants a sock monkey.  He actually sat on a bored looking Santa’s lap on the mall last week and asked for a sock monkey.  I’m not sure that Santa’s ever gotten that request before.

Club Penguin stuffed animal – specifically a blue puffle – already bought for $4.79 at Toys R Us last week

Some skateboards and a ramp – from Costco (the small Tech Deck ones)

And the dreaded Zhu Zhu pets!  I’ll get one if I can without having to clobber through a bunch of other soccer moms because I know I’ll love seeing his face light up on Christmas because he got one, but if I can’t get one without waiting in line for more than oh, 10 minutes, or spending more than $10,  guess what – his face will still light up on Christmas morning 😉

And yesterday he said he was going to ask Santa for a quad but, I sadly had to tell him that Santa has been unable to get lead free parts from China and was going to be unable to fill that request this year.  He was fine with that and asked for a new skateboard instead since Dad broke his.  Fair enough.


Another thing I’m excited for is getting Melvin out again this year!  He’s the little elf that checks in on us during Christmas time.  We never know where that Melvin will show up each morning!





Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.


  1. Awesome gifts!
    I haven’t started shopping yet – it seems it gets harder as they get older!

  2. Allison — I just love your posts.. been reading for a while — I work with your Mom – oh and I miss her I moved my desk! Anyway – I love this post — it makes me long for my son’s early years.. he is 16! I especially love the Elf on the Shelf — never heard of it and think it is FANTASTIC! Thank you for your lovely pics and stories. Take care!

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