Welcome Home Chance


Chance has a big story. Where to begin? A friend shared this video of Cadence on Facebook

Our hearts broke for this girl and even though she's in California we inquired about adopting her. Then, after talking to me, her foster thought we'd be the perfect family for Chance and sent me his video.  

Of course our hearts broke again. After seeing a couple more videos of this guy after he was rescued we knew he was made for us (and Kona) 

Chance was rescued by Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws. After we talked with Eldad and picked a date (as soon as possible) for Chance to come home we learned that he'd be traveling in style! Pilot Yehuda from Wings of Rescue FLEW Chance and Eldad to Phoenix. Yes, Chance came home on a private plane. He's not going to be pleased when we drive to California on our next visit ;)

You can see some photos of him coming off the plane on the Wings of Rescue Facebook page.  

When he got here we met him outside and didn't take long for us to fall in love. Here's our first family photo


He took a long nap, probably not sure what the heck was going on. We took a walk together and then they played for a bit and at the end of the night while I was sitting on the patio he came over, jumped up and made himself at home right next to me on the seat. Of course Kona couldn't miss out on the attention so there were 3 of us stuffed on. 


Then when I went to bed last night the dogs followed me. Chance decided he wanted to sleep on the bed too so he hopped up and scooted over until his entire back was against my leg and started snoring. He ended up on the dog bed for the rest of the night and didn't make a peep.  

The next morning they climbed up for some morning cuddles


They played for a bit and we're working on a video to share but for now here is some photos of this super handsome guy. 


Here's how he's doing now, 1 week home.

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